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Why can’t I slice in Design Space

Are you having issues trying to slice in Design Space? There could be a few different reasons for that but it’s usually because you’re trying to slice too many things at the same time.  This quick tutorial will show you how to slice in Design Space no matter how many layers you want to slice. […]

Cricut Weeding Hack

I have a really cool Cricut Weeding Hack that I’m finding out not a lot of people know about. I’ll keep this post short and sweet and hopefully you find this hack as awesome as I do. (This post contains affiliate links. This just means if you purchase something by clicking one of my links […]

How to use Offset in Cricut Design Space

It’s finally here! Cricut has released the long awaited offset feature and this tutorial will show you how to use offset in Cricut Design Space.  It offers a few different functions and I’ll go over all of them with you. How to use offset in Cricut Design Space To create an offset you simply select […]

Attach and Weld | Cricut for Beginners

Attach and weld can be a little tricky to figure out when you’re just starting out in Cricut Design Space. This simple tutorial will show you what each tool does and when it’s appropriate to use them. Attach and weld seem to do the same thing but there is a subtle difference. Attach is used […]