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How to Thicken Font in Cricut Design Space

Wanting to know how to thicken font in Cricut Design Space? When you thicken your font it will not only cut better, it will weed easier and stick better to your final project.  I have a really easy way to thicken font in Cricut Design Space. This will make your crafting life so much easier. […]

How to Make Stickers in Cricut Design Space

If you have a Cricut you’ve probably wondered how to make stickers in Cricut Design Space.  Making stickers is one of the easiest and most fun projects you can do. To make stickers in Cricut Design Space you will need to use the print then cut feature.  I’ll break it all down for you here […]

3D Cake Boxes

These 3D cake boxes are so fun and so cute. Stuff each layer with different treats or gifts and really get creative. You can use these 3D cake boxes for birthdays, graduations, baby showers or any other kind of event. This post contains affiliate links. This just means if you purchase something by clicking one […]

Why can’t I slice in Design Space

Are you having issues trying to slice in Design Space? There could be a few different reasons for that but it’s usually because you’re trying to slice too many things at the same time.  This quick tutorial will show you how to slice in Design Space no matter how many layers you want to slice. […]